Kesh King Plus Herbal Hair Oil


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Kesh King Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil is an Ayurvedic Patented Hair medicinal preparation without side effects.

Kesh King is a complete Ayurvedic formula, which is prepared in Sesame Oil using 16 selected herbs.

“Kesh King Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil”, as the name suggests is a medicinal Ayurvedic Hair Oil that is manufactured from the extracts of rare herbs found in nature.
Kesh King Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil is manufactured according to the principles as laid down in Ayurvedic textbooks such as Charaka Samhita, Panchkarma, and Siddha Medicine.

Kesh King Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil not only helps in protecting and nourishing the hair but also prevents premature greying, dandruff, hair fall, split hair and checks loss of hair, sleeplessness, and headache. It does help in the regrowth of hair.

Hair basically consists of two parts – The hair follicle and the hair shaft. Kesh King acts on hair follicle which is the center of biological activity like hair growth and pigmentation.

Kesh King also acts on the hair shaft by penetrating into the medulla which is the innermost layer of the hair shaft.

Kesh King works as a tonic and gives nutrition to Matrix Cells. These activated Matrix Cells remove the fiber of weak hair and help in activating new hair fiber, resulting in stronger, longer, and dense hair.

Use Kesh King Scalp and Hair Medicine regularly for strong, healthy, and beautiful hair.


    • Open the Ayurvedic Oil Cap.
    • Attach the Revolutionary Deep Root Comb.
    • Place it on the affected area.
    • Press the bottle for the oil to flow.
    • Gently massage the scalp.
    • see the results in three months.

    COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Bangladesh

    • Bhringraja – Boosts blood circulation | Promotes hair growth
    • Amalaki – strengthens hair follicles
    • Methi – Prevents hair loss
    • Jatamansi – Controls premature greying | Enhance hair color
    • Manjistha – Promotes faster and healthier hair growth
    • Lodhra - Excellent coolant with medicinal properties
    • Japa – Rejuvenates hair growth | Promotes hair growth
    • Brahmi – Stimulates hair growth

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